Sofi Silver Award: Creminelli Wild Boar Salami 

Follow up from original article: America’s best meat: Creminelli Handcrafted Wild Boar Salami
What do silver medals, wild boar, juniper berries and Utah have in common? As of this week, they share an association with Sofi medalist, Cristiano Creminelli’s Handcrafted Wild Boar Salami. This week, the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade announced Creminelli’s Handcrafted Wild Boar Salami as the winner of the Silver Finalist Award for best meat, paté, or seafood. The award comes following several years of national recognition, including Outstanding New Product in 2008.
The salami is a collaboration between Utah and Texas meats, utilizing a savory combination of Texas free range wild boar, and Utah based all natural Duroc pork belly. The wild boar’s meat contains natural undertones of berry, but he adds wine soaked clove and juniper to each handmade salami. The effect is a stronger, more robust meat than his other all-pork meat salami’s.
The salami itself is relatively new; less than a year following its debut. Nonetheless, with all the attention, perhaps wild boar will become the new culinary trend.
 For more information about Creminelli Meat’s visit his website. For more on the Sofi competition and winners, visit their medalist page.